Is This For Real ?

I looked all around the internet trying to find a place  to build a web site. But all I found were scams.  Those people were very smooth talkers, they promised to be there to help me when I needed help. Just as soon as I paid their fees, some were not too bad but some promised the moon and stars for this one time huge payment.  Sorry to say, I was the gullible one, I believed what they said and gave them their money. I tried and tried to build a website but they just treated me bad and would not help or give me a refund. Once they got my money in their hands I didn’t count any more, I was broke and in debt.

It took a long time but I finally got those cards paid off.  And still no website but I knew people made money on the internet and so I started looking for some place to build my website.

Then one day I found Wealthy Affiliate, and  let me tell you this is the place to be. You can build two websites for free! You will look for a long time before you will find another place that will give you the opportunity to actually build two websites without paying any money.  Of course all of the services are somewhat more limited than a monthly membership of $49.00 or the annual membership of $359.00

My membership gets me all the help I need from members just like me.  The questions are of help to of the some new members too.  The lessons  are always there  to review any time I need to.  There is no time limit, if there is something I don’t understand I can review the lesson until I do.  If I can not work on your website for a day or two It’s not a problem, I just get back to it as soon as I possibly can. I like to keep the momentum rolling.   And I meet other members all over the world. It’s very interesting to read their stories.

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