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My name is Carolyn, I am a 74  year old grandmother, and I make a living on the internet.

It hasn’t been easy, I first started trying about 16 years ago. Then it was a lot harder, we didn’t have all of the technology available in those days that we have now. And we certainly did not have all of the people at our finger tips to help like we have at  Wealthy Affiliate.


Here is my story

I was married at eighteen, divorced at thirty five I had two little kids and no real job experience, the only thing I ever did was baby setting. I applied for jobs any place that would take an application. But no business owners were interested in training me, …. so I just prayed a lot.

Every Monday I  left an application at the Boeing Airplane Co. Finally one day they called, I was so happy I now had a good paying job. I started as a parts polisher and retired  twenty one years later as a manager,  in that time my kids grew up and got jobs and moved away,    I was alone.

My brother and sister in law lived in Missouri, they thought I should move there so, I sold my house, bought a motorhome    and off I went.

I bought  60 acers and made it into a  farm                                          and for the next ten years I raised miniature cows and miniature  llamas.                     In the mean time I was still trying to build a website , I spent many thousands of dollars, the scam artists promised to be there to help, but after they got my  money in their hands I didn’t hear from them.  I kept trying to no avail still no website………..So  for several years I quit trying.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate  and I have a website !



If I can do this you can too! There are many lessons to teach you how and thousands of other affiliates to help you, should you need it, all you have to do is ask, and they will be there.   Anytime of day or night there is a  Wealthy  Affiliate  member online somewhere in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate  is an organization of many thousands of like minded people, just like us, that make it their goals to build websites and offer guidance to others. Some have been here just a short time, most have been here for years, there is a reason they stay, it’s a great place to create your websites. You can just click on the  X  to join us.




I want to help others because I know how hard it can be.  I know how much money and time I spent trying with no success. I don’t want you to go through that too, it was hard, depressing and I just felt stupid, and on top of that it put me in debt.

There is an easier way,  through  Wealthy Affiliate  you have all of the lessons to teach you how. You go at your own pace there is no time limit. I like that I can go back over the lessons if you need to.  And all of the other  Wealthy  Affiliate   members to help should you ask for it.

Come along with us in the new experience and be successful too.                                        Just click    HERE  NOW.